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Medical Equipment and Distribution.

Medical professionals must meet increasing regulatory guidelines,higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth while performing their work faster and more efficiently than ever.And thats where we come in. 

Hospital Development Illustration.

We deliver patient information, medical illustrations, scientific and educational posters, annual reports and newsletters. This high quality visual communication material promotes the Trust and the services it provides in the Leeds health economy and beyond.

Technical support and consultancy.

Our dedicated team of professionals have a keen understanding of the implications of regulatory changes in health care, the market pressures dictating shifts in the care delivery and reimbursement models and the resulting effect on operations.

Equipment leasing and Placement.

Obtaining the use of machinery, vehicles or other equipment on a rental basis. This avoids the need to invest capital in equipment. Ownership rests in the hands of the financial institution or leasing company, while the business has the actual use of it.